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ra-logoThe alt text for this image is the same as the title. In most cases, that means that the alt attribute has been automatically provided from the image file name.There isn’t an hour that goes by where I am not reminded or challenged by my loss of vision or hearing, but this is my life and these are the cards I was dealt. I’m not frightened by the progression of my condition, but I am saddened by the things I can no longer hear or see. I have the same hopes and dreams as any fully-sighted and hearing person and my dreams haven’t faded with the progressive loss of my vision and hearing, but my disability has made me more driven and eager to take on each day.  When I began to lose my hearing, I learned sign language and have found a sense of belonging among the Deaf and hard of hearing community. When I started coming to terms with the idea of going blind, I sought out a mobility specialist to teach me how to use a cane…

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